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are we tumblr in-laws

We are now.  dryadalis, you’re now my tumblr sister.  FYI.

I am 100% fine with this. Tumblr family ftw!

Ooh, ooh, can I be in this too plz?  :D


Songs of sapphic submission so intense it hurts

1. “Evil Night Together” Jill Tracy | 2. “Paris (Ooh La La)” Grace Potter & the Nocturnals | 3. “Eyes On Fire” Blue Foundation | 4. “Hang You from the Heavens” The Dead Weather | 5. “Manipulation” The Black Angels | 6. “Snakes” Concrete Blonde | 7. “Brave” A Particularly Vicious Rumor | 8. “Afraid” Sarah Fimm | 9. “Drive” Melissa Ferrick | 10. “Stain” Mz Ann Thropik | 11. “2, 3, 4” Jonneine Zapata


*vaguely related to my lesbian AU Doctor/Master stuff*

*bursts through the curtains* DID SOMEBODY SAY PIZZA

YESTERDAY MOON.  Pizza is all gone.  Still delicious chicken cassarole though.  :D


Anonymous asked:

HELLO :DDD What did you have / will you have for lunch?


I had leftover pizza for lunch last night and tonight I’m having leftover chicken penne pasta cassarole (so good.  sooooo goooood).  Of course lunch is at two in the morning but still it’s lunch.  :D

{ l i s t e n } for rose tyler and her time on the tardis and beyond. all pink and yellow and human and perfect. she burnt like the sun.

i. “cosmic love”- florence & the machine ii. “crystallized” - the xx  iii. “counting stars”- onerepublic iv. “amsterdam” -daughter v. “crossfire” -brandon flowers vi. “depth over distance” -ben howard, vii. “your protector” - fleet foxes viii. “young and beautiful” -lana del rey ix. “don’t panic” -coldplay x. “oblivion” -bastille xi. “40 day dream” -edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros xii.”ho hey” -the lumineers xiii. “starry eyed” -ellie goulding

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us against the world - a rose/ten fanmix

01. the moon song - karen o & ezra koenig [it’s a dark and shiny place / but with you, my dear / i’m safe, and we’re a million miles away / we’re lying on the moon / it’s a perfect afternoon]

02. right here, with you - david cook [and i can never walk away with you here / if the sun stops burning / and the world stops turning / i’ll be right here, with you]

03. i won’t give up - lea michele [when i look into your eyes / it’s like watching the night sky / or a beautiful sunrise / there’s so much they hold]

04. dancing shoes - green river ordinance [we don’t need nowhere to go / we don’t need a tune / in a world that gets lost in making plans / just be my woman / and i will be your man]

05. us against the world - coldplay [through chaos as it swirls / it’s us against the world]

06. we can glow - royal teeth [don’t need a destination / don’t need to think it through / we’re running with the night / you’ll be the light i never knew]

07. i wouldn’t mind - he is we [forever is a long time / but i wouldn’t mind spending it by your side / carefully, we’ll place our destiny / you came and you took this heart and set it free / every word you write or sing is so warm to me]

08. can’t help falling in love - twenty one pilots [some things are meant to be / so, take my hand / and take my whole life too / for i can’t help falling in love with you]

09. wherever you will go - charlene soraia [i’ll go wherever you will go / run away with my heart / run away with my hope / run away with my love]

10. i choose you - sara bareilles [let the sun fade out to a dark sky / i can’t say i’d even notice it was absent / ‘cause i could live by the light in your eyes / i’ll unfold before you / would have strung together / the very first words / of a lifelong love letter]


Film Crit Hulk responds to Vulture’s trainwreck of an article, ‘Why Captain America Is Only Interesting If He’s a Prick’.

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DOCTOR/ROSE | | period

{ I love you in a place where there’s no space or time }

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